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QuantCert is a project around quantum computing certification

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Phase sensitivity of entanglement in the Quantum Phase Estimation Algorithm

Copyright (C) 2023 Grâce Amouzou, Frédéric Holweck, Kossi Atchonouglo

Contact: gamouzou[at]


This code is to compare the entanglement variation the quantum phase estimation and counting algorithms. The programming language used Python. See file for execution.

By varying the value of the angle evolved in the algorithms, and with the use of three invariants (one based on Mermin polynomials, one based on Coefficient Matrices and the geometric measure of entanglement), we are able to obtain numerical evaluations of the invariants for the quantum states coming from the algorithms. More information about this is provided in our article available on arxiv. This code allows to draw the corresponding figures.

The code documentation can be found here. It is generated from the code using Sphinx.

This program is distributed under the GNU LGPL 3.